Monday, January 15, 2007

Monkey Mania

I'm Bored......soooo, I have decided that I need to create my own fun.

So in that spirit I am announcing Monkey Mania!!!

It will be a series of outtings and events over the course of the next few months. I will be providing details at a later time! Keep your eyes on your emails and here and I will provide information on the Monkey filled craziness!!

I will also perhaps, provide an update on my other misc non-exciting advenutures from the last month or so. Until then my fellow Monkey Maniacs!

Note: In case your wondering....yes, I have lost my mind!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Someones gonna die tonight!

So much for going to bed early to get some sleep last night. I told the dog to be good and not bug me and he was. I just wasn't expecting another source of annoyance.

At 1:30am the phone starts ringing, so I go and answer it. Its a fax machine beeping in my ear....great. I proceed to tell the fax machine to "Fuck off" and then I hang up and go lie back down knowing full well the fax will be calling back in 5 or 10 minutes.

So I lay their for 15 minutes and nothing. I then rolled over and fell asleep. An hour later the phone rings again. Same number, same fax machine. I told it off again and then lay back down.

About 4:30 ish, I think, guess what happens.....thats right aliens came and abducting me...oh mistake. Wrong story. Anyway, as you have guessed I'm sure the phone rang again. Same number same fax machine. Again I told it off. This time however, I decided to call the number that had been faxing me. Only got a busy signal. Tried again a few seconds later but still got the busy signal. So instead of hanging up, I just left the phone off the hook and put a pillow over top of the handset and went back to sleep.

This morning I went online to see if I could find the owner of the number. All I could find out was the number is from Buffalo, NY. I know this isn't the first time this number has tried to fax us, only this time it was in the wee hours of the morning. Hopefully, this won't happen again tonight or any other time otherwise...well, you can read the title of my post.

Sweet dreams!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Well again, its been a while. Let see, whats happened since the last post...

On Sunday I went on a ghost walking tour of Burlington . Went with a couple of the girls at work. Was more history of Burlington with a bit or ghost lore thrown in. Was very cool. I hope to get some pics from people, but nothing yet.

Work wise, for Halloween, I decided to decorate my cubicle. I won't spoil the surprise, I'm hoping to get some pics up soon. Suffice it to say I was the only person on my floor to decorate their cubicle and dress up. Everyone upstairs SUCKS! Other than that, its election time again and as always I got voluntold into working the advanced polls. Fun as always...but now my part is done so I don't have anything else todo.

I also noticed that I feel stupider since I've been upstairs. I think like the boss, my powers are related to the sun, except the sun is a weakness of mine. Who knows.

I also noticed that since I turned 29 (week ago) I feel...different. I can't seem to drink as much all of a sudden and I am having trouble sleeping and just feel like I'm slowly falling apart. I don't really know how to explain it. Its been a very sudden transitition. Hopefully I can rectify things.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Random Question of the Day

Why does it seem that we learn more about some one in death than we do while they were alive?

I find it strange. I came to this question over the weekend.

The only other thing was I may have found an answer or rather it became more apparent why I prefer girls that are short. ;-)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

They keep me locked up in this cage. Can't they see it's why my brain says “rage”

I don't know what it is. But I feel like I have a really short fuse with everything and anything the boss does or says to me. I don't know why? Its never been this way before. It is literally with everything. Something just isn't right. Maybe it is me thats changed somehow since the move.

You know, somedays I almost feel as if I've gotten stupider since I moved upstairs. Maybe, its just a side effect of feeling sufficated up here.

(Note: This was to be posted on Thursday Sept 28/06, but for some unknown reason I couldn't get it to post till Oct 02/06)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Guess whos coming to dinner...

...and no, its not the Klingons.

It is with much happiness that I report that my former happy helper Grasshopper is now a full time employee here at work in the Building Department!

To quote the immortal Grasshopper "WAAHOOOOO!!!!!!!"

See you Monday Grasshopper!!!! (8-{D)

The best defence

Me thinks I’m playing too much Oblivion :-S

Again my dream world was coloured in many oblivion-esque scenes. The armour I was wearing was my nice steel armour my Nord happens to wear. My enemies were a large mass of scamps. I only recall slight aspects of the dream but my commanding officer made us leave our shields and helmets behind since we were gonna be storming their little compound. Their compound turned out to be an AT-AT walker (see Star Wars – Empire Strikes Back. Its one of those 4 legged walkers). Anyway, we charged down the hill and started hacking our way through. For some reason we had to disarm these weird plants. I was with my older brother, and I was covering him while he disarmed the plant. Some of the scamps had these lawn darts and were tossing them at me and my brother. Without a shield I only had my body to use to protect my brother. Being armoured you’d think you’d be okay right? Well these lawn dart things kept hitting me in the head. Ouch! I swear I felt everyone of them. Anyway, I got a couple darts in the head (you owe me one Steve :-P) and once my brother disarmed the plants everything was okay. Everyone starting being loaded up into trucks to be taken home. I was injured and bleeding from my head and screaming for a medic. I found this building to hold me up and just sat their. No medic came to me, but I did see one run past me. Stupid medics.

The next thing I remember is being at home and meeting two girls from work (skipp-e and Lindsay). They had just got back from shopping and I went out to meet them on the street then we went into my house. The next thing I knew I was repeating the same scene again, from a different angle, and I realized I was in a time loop of some kind. So one of the girls asked me what was it that I needed to do to get out of the time loop. Well since I know from Dr. Who what to do, I told them that I have to repeat exactly what happened before the next time loop starts again. Anyway, don’t know if it worked cause I started walking down the street away from the house.

The only other thing I recall is being in a hotel and I got up late so I was rushing to check out and left my tooth brush and tooth paste at the hotel. I woke up this morning thinking I had actually done that. Silly Snosh!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Random thought of the day

Why does it seem that everyone thinks that I am gonna kill them?

For just about most of high school (10+ years ago) most people thought in someway that I was gonna kill them or blow them up or god knows what.

Now I Even get it at work. I get the trench coat jacket jokes combined with the fact that I like metal music and Megadeth. Even my happy helper (sapp-e) thought I was gonna kill her…well maybe not kill her, but she thought I was gonna harm her in some way. And the almost punching think doesn’t count. It was instinct not premeditation or

How did people get this impression of me? I really have no clue. Sure my dreams are violent. Sure I can think of all sorts of destructive ways to accomplish a multitude of various tasks. I even get random urges to wanna destroy something. I am not a violent person.

I’ve never been in a fight, once close, but that was sticking up for a friend. I never killed another human being, and I’m not planning on it. I have good mosh pit edict….I just try and stand in the same spot and not get pushed over.

I always saw myself as a nice guy and I try and be nice and help out all sorts of people. But still a lot of people think I am dangerous or something. Its actually somewhat saddening.
Perhaps it is my own fault for something perhaps misunderstood that I’ve said or action I’ve done. I really don’t know.

For what it may be worth to some: I'm sorry if I ever gave you the impression of wanting to kill you.

I liked you better dead

I don’t get it. I feel really on edge as of late.

I just have this...urge to start a ruckus and smash the crap out of some random inanimate object. I don’t get it. I’m just really, really frustrated. I can't sit still at work - partly due to the lack of leg room at the desk, but just feel antsy.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Securitron 2000

Its been a long while since I posted anything exciting about the boss’ son.

Apparently, they other evening him and his buddies were on the computer and send some threatening messages to one of their classmates from the boss’ home computer.

I guess this dude complained to the principal and the principal called the boss. Apparently, from what I’ve discovered so far, is that the police may become involved, they (son and buds) apparently went to the dudes house too. Also the son apparently is blaming his buddies for this even though he was present at the time.

I will update as more information becomes available.

Laughed alone in a world so cold

Well, its official...I've been "ordered" to take down the Mark Crossing Sign and smiley face sign for our section that is posted outside of my cell. Our Department head and the boss have informed me of this today.

Nobody is any fun here. They all suck!

I guess they won't like the Status board thing that I wanna create.

Now I'm all distraught. :-(

Thursday, September 21, 2006

A playground for the demented

I forgot to mention. Earlier this week, we were at a meeting with the people on our new floor and part of their discussion was the location of their sign in board. The board basically tells you who is in or out or when they are coming back etc. We, the boss and me, don’t have a sign in board so I plan on making my very own! So I need all your help for suggestions to put for my status.

What its gonna be is a sign that says:

Mark’s Status

Mark is currently:

And then I will have little signs I will attach to indicate my status. These are some of the things I’ve thought of. Please add suggestions or make suggestions of the ones listed that I shouldn’t use. I’m not sure on how much space the little sayings will be but try and keep them reasonable in length


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Spare me your medical mumbo-jumbo

I have found that the new kitty kat is a tad strange in her ways. She tends to lie on the floor are roll around for no apparent reason. Not only that she does it on a stair too. Many a times she has almost fallen down the stairs, but always has her claws to save her. Additionally she tends to drag herself around by her front paws/claws along the floor and stairs too. Well things are gonna change soon. I took the kitty kat to the vet today to get her fixed and declawed. She is gonna have a fun time trying to save herself from rolling down the stairs without any claws :-S

As for my dreams, last night I can’t recall too many specifics except that I was playing ice hockey with skipp-e in a Zellers store and then we all decided to go to get a burger so we (skipp-e, me, twon and some other people I don’t know including these conjoined twins attached at the head) walk down the street to this restaurant, I was thinking it was gonna be McDonald’s but no. The restaurant was called Lemmy’s, after the lead singer from Motorhead. He even had a bust of himself in the window. Anyway, we get in and people start order and this weird food comes out. This woman brought a steak that surrounded a cattle heart and made everyone try it. Thankfully I managed to escape before I was my turn to try it.

Next thing I was in a hospital down this crawl space filled with lasers. I was wearing this white suit that protected me from the lasers. Apparently I was conducting an experiment in this crawl space with lasers. Anyway, this girl comes into the crawl space with the same suit, apparently doing the same experiment or perhaps trying to stop me. Anyway, she was a robot/android and tried to kill me the first time in the crawl space. I managed to survive and she left. I went in again and she reappeared. This time she didn’t see me and I ran out of the crawl space. After that things get fuzzy, something about my mom trying to kill me and me running away and getting trapped. That’s all I can remember.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Saving the world from Solomon Grundy

I just came to the greatest conclusion about the current reason why the boss has become so…annoying since we moved upstairs and has her window to the outside.

The boss’s powers for annoyingness come from the sun. So by us previously being in the basement her powers were limited. But now, she has the full power of the sun to draw upon for her annoyingness. Perhaps if there is an eclipse any time soon and she will be in her weakened state...That can be my advantage....


Happy Talk like a Pirate Day!!!!!


Monday, September 18, 2006

Everything you say to me

You know, I thought I’d give things a week up here. Give Planning Department the benefit of the doubt. Planning is suck-e in a way. There seems to be no energy here. I figured they (planning) would be the thorn in my side. It appears I was wrong. As I’ve said previously and will say again, the boss is worse since we got up here.

My current theory is since she got her window she’s a completely different person. She was always a tad annoying, but lately has growing exponentially more so. I mean, I haven’t really done anything differently then I normally do, so I don’t think I’m doing anything to incur any additional wrath from her.

Down stairs she was still a pain, but since the move she is so much worse. She now seems more smug and superior. She tend to be condescending towards me more often. I don’t know. I will give things more time and see, but things are becoming more frustrating for me. I will keep things posted.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum

Not to sure how things started, but waking tend to make you lose some of your memory…

Suffice it to say my dream was my version of Pirates of the Caribbean, Part 3.

I recall that Commodore Norrington went into the office of the dude from the East India Trading Company and gave him Davy Jones’ heart. For some reason, the Kraken had washed up to shore outside of their little fortress. The fortress was just built inside of a cliff on a beach somewhere, so anyway, dude cuts the Kraken’s head open a little and puts in Davy Jones’ heart, wasn’t sure why, I was expecting him to use the heart to black mail Davy into something. Anyhow, the heart is put in and then the Kraken starts to twitch like its coming back too life, so Norrington and dude slink off quietly to the door to the fort and quietly close it. For some reason I was there on the beach but wasn’t fast enough to get into the door. So I was locked out. I ran into another cave area which was filled with these soft corral like structures that seem to shift through all the colours. I climb onto one of the coral things to escape the tentacles, but the tentacles were slowly moving into and around the cave and up the coral. I had no escape, so to avoid a gruesome death I decided to wake up then fall asleep immediately after waking up.

The next thing I was on the Flying Dutchman, and because Davy lost his heart he turned human. (no more octopus head) so, his crew were trying to figure out what to do. They suggested that he pledge to serve 100 years behind the mast but everyone said he wouldn’t do it. So Davy there jumps up and pledges 100 years. Immediately turns back into his octopus-e self and then dies. So, his crew give him a funeral at sea and dump him over board. As his body sinks the Kraken zooms in and catches his body and zips away with it. For those that are aware of the 3rd movie info, there is to be Chinese pirate played by Chow-Yun-Fat and so anyway, in my dream, he was an animated pencil. So he challenged all the crew to see who would lead the ship. Suffice it to say the pencil was mightier than the sword.

At this point I somehow managed to appear on a space ship that was about to be boarded. Everyone was abandoning ship except me and I was told to hide down this little corridor. So I go down there and hide only to discover that 3 other crew people are camping out there. So I hang around for a bit then leave. Next I somehow re-appear on a pirate ship locked up in a giant room with other prisoners. We decided to revolt and I pretty much start ripping people to pieces and punching through the metal walls to escape. Somehow I end up back on the beach where the Kraken was previously, except the re is this huge fortress there now. So I walk up and some dude tells me to go wait in the water with the rest since they were expecting an attack. We were to hide in the water and attack when they weren’t looking. So some guy throws me this magic tree branch/staff which had ice magic. So I jump in the water and everyone in the water starts complaining about being cold because of the ice magic. Anyway, we had to move further out to sea to hide, so this girl (looked familiar but don’t recall a name…I have a guess…I hate it when you see someone familiar in your dreams but your not certain who they are) asks if she can hang on to me so she doesn’t drown, so I agreed and off we went until the water was up to my neck…while I was lying down propped up on my elbows…Its kinda funny, we were to hide in the water but we all were staring at shore with our heads above water and shore was 5 ft away.

Next thing I was somehow on a bus with a whole bunch of people I went to elementary school with. We were going camping as a class trip. Got to this cabin and went inside, everything was below ground, and so we went to find a bunk to sleep but there wasn’t any in the main part of the cabin. There were only a couple of bed and 1 bed on a pool table. I went down this hallway, which went outside and I found this tent thing with room for two people, so I call my buddy Dagreb over to come check it out, while he makes his way over I filled a bucket with ice put a beer in it and put in where my pillow would go. So Dagreb comes over and we agree with our location and then Dagreb goes into the tend and picks up my bear and bucket and tosses them out of the tent. Then the dog barked and that is all.

I do recall other random pieces of stuff, but nothing enough to make it worth telling.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Random Question of the Day

I tend to get random thoughts and questions poping into my head throughout the course of a day. Today's random thought is something I've asked people before and thought before. Nonetheless here it is:

What would happen if the Earth suddenly stopped spinning?? Would we all float away?

The red

Its annoying how people make jokes about me and my trench coat. People see it and joke about how I’m gonna go postal and all that. Especially with recent events in Montreal, I’ve been getting it more. And because of these recent events I find it more annoying because, while they may be joking, it is implying that they see me in a way as similar to those types of people who go on gun toting rampages and slaughtering random people, which is not something I will do.

With regards to my dreams of last night. I don't recall alot of it due to the dog barking in the middle of the night. The only thing I recall is trying to catch a ferry in New Brunswick with Rockstar! (co-worker) to get home. That and not being able to go to timmies becuase of these two guys that wanted a ride somewhere.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The dead and dreaming

I decided to attempt to record my dreams here now, since they tend to be very weird and strange. It was also a suggestion of some for me to do this.

Some tend to be random and things may not be written in order of appearance but you won’t notice. So here we go!

First thing I recall was that I was going on a trip to Brazil and that it was hurricane season down there. I was basically standing on the waterfront by this hotel while the wind howled and the rain and storm surge hammered the area. The hotel that I was outside of was pretty much a wreck and was abandoned. I then looked further down the lakeshore and noticed a hallway so I tried to walk but for some reason I wasn’t moving. So for some reason I decided to lie down and the wind carried me towards the hallway. I got to the hallway where it dawned on me that I was on a vacation trip with people I work with. I recalling seeing a couple people that I know throughout work. No one I regularly associate with. Anyway, I was waiting around for something. I then realized what I was waiting for is some friends.

Grasshopper arrived and then Sapp-e arrived. Apparently they were part of the group but were on the second plane. Anyway, I got my room, and for some reason I was scared in my room that the shadow people were coming to get me so I was hiding under a desk in my hotel room (the desk look like the desks you find in Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion). Sapp-e came into my room and sat down next to me under my desk to keep me company and comfort me. Eventually it was bed time so I got out from under the desk and Sapp-e told me not to worry cause no monster were coming to get me (it was said it the cutest voice possible, cause I remember saying in the dream that it was) but I was on the verge of tears and kept saying the shadow people were coming to get me. Oh and Sapp-e was 10 ft. tall too.

Next thing I recall is being at home and my mom asking me to get rid of some books. It was snowing out side so I was all bundled up. So I packed them into boxes and when door to door on my street giving away books. I got to one house that was apparently expecting me and gave them a box of books. For some odd reason I was also bringing them food for their family dinner. On top of that when I got into their house I took off all my jacket and snow pants and was naked talking to this guy, his wife and his mother. Don’t know why, so don’t ask. After that I went over to another house where my friend Julie lived (Note: wasn’t there house in “real” life) and she was there reading on a couch and another friend Lindsay from work was there writing. I was just lounging on the couch and for the record I was dressed. It turned out that Julz had to go to some restaurant for some great pasta that is not served after 5:30pm (it was 9:15pm) and Lindsay had to leave somewhere too. So I just left.

Next thing was more like watching from a third person perspective. I was watching the team from Stargate SG-1 (newer team members, no Col. O’Niel) and they were wandering around this weird forest place. Seemed like a normal forest. The Col. (I forget the character’s name, but the actor is Ben Bowder, the guy from Farscape) anyway, he looks over to this concrete bunker and there was a body hanging from a tree by their feet. And this little mouths which was hitting the body in the face. So Col. Dude walks up and realizes its his body, its still alive and that they went into the future. All of a sudden on of the mouths swallows him (non tree one) and he gets transported in this organic sack to this weird world. The only thing I knew about this world was that everything was covered in some goo or slime and the plant life looked very out of scale. Flowers where the size of houses and trees were supper tall. It was in a swampy area too, which may explain the goo and slime. Then I woke up.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Middle finger is the flag I wave when I'm silenced

Well, things are a "tad" louder in the new cell as compaired to the old one. Being right up near the counter area of the department tends to have excess noise filter back. That and no longer do we have a door or wall between us and the hallways and whatnot and only a 5.5 ft.+/- divider between me and the noise. I know the boss is "happy as a pig in shit", with the new work area, cause she has a window. I would say that in my mind a window is a poor trade for silence...

I don't know what it is, but I am also finding the boss to be so much more irritating these last few days. She is really being a pain in the ass. Nothing really specific, its the same stuff, its just shes gotten worse somehow. Seems to have gone back to treating me like a child again.

Anyway, this whole move thing has been a joke since the initial conception. We were never involved in the process. We were forgotten about by the other departments when they were consulted with by the professional office space people. We basically were show a plan one day and that was it. We tired to get some changes but, again, nothing happened about it (Where is my leg room?!!!!!). Our department head said she would take care of some things. Specifically with our summer student space and some filing cabinet requirements. Guess what...nothing has been done. They have no space for our student and we don't have any space at the moment for a student and no one is gonna do anything about it. I've been trying to make suggestions about our lacking needs but no one seems to listen.

I think I need a punch in the head...maybe I should give away 1 free punch in the head coupons like I did with the free hug coupons I made for International Hug Day last December. I figure I'd get more free punches in the head in one day than in almost a year of having the free hug coupon posted. Alas, I digress.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Moving up in the world

Well Last Friday was my last day in my old office. I spent the whole day packing up my cell then unpacking in the new cell. Sucks to have to have left. I will miss all those people down there. Mind you, its not like I’ve moved completely far away. They are only 2 floors away. Anyway, I can already feel my life energy being sucked away up here. Sure it makes sense to be relocated here, but that’s completely besides the point. :-P

I did consulted the magic 8-Ball Desktop version and asked it “Will the Planning Dept be fun?” Its response was “Lose a turn”. That doesn’t bode well…Alas, I digress. It could be worse.

Beyond that, everything else is pretty good. Went to Waterloo this past weekend and spent some time visiting with My Liege. Many hours of games and many glasses of rum (which was starting to freeze in the freezer…yikes!) and many pirate sticks were consumed. All in all a good weekend.

Other than that, I started my next Unit in the course I’m taking so we will see how things go with that.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The rumors of my death have been somewhat exaggerated

Greetings one and all from the netherworld I lovingly refer to as life!

Its been awhile to say the least. Nothing majorly exciting happened throughout the summer months. You know the ususal. Eat-sleep-work, a little drinking here and there, lots of Timmies, lots of driving, almost punching my summer student, one brother moving to Calgary and one in Korea who visited home for the first time in almost 2 years, wedding in Sundre, Alberta…and lots of other up-to-no-goodness.

Not sure where to begin at this point. So many things are a blur now. Suffice it to say the summer was good. The new happy helper was a lot of fun. A very interesting creature to say the least. She has some strange quirks, but then again don’t we all. Some of the crazier antics are as follows:

Until I met Sapp-e, I admit, I never had someone ask me to smell them before :‑S….bit of a story, can’t recall specifically how it came about, but apparently someone mentioned something smelling funky and she was worried it was her so I offered to smell her (somewhat jokingly) and she said yes…so what can you do when someone asks you to smell them? You smell them…anyway, if she is reading this she is probably thinking “oh god!” and is all embarrassed. Don’t worry Sapp-e.

If you read my little summary 3 paragraphs above carefully, you’ve probably did a double take when I said I almost punched my summer student. That’s another adventure. Suffice it to say it wasn’t out of anger or malice I almost clocked her, it was an instinctive response. The story goes like this:

I was in the photocopy room minding my own business. I was reading the job postings that are on the bulliten board. Now out of the blue and without warning I felt these two hands on my side and someone yell “BOO!!”. My normal default response to being scared like that would be to jump up and fall to the ground and convulse and wait for certain death…but no, not this time….In my head I recognized the voice as Sapp-e, but unconsciously, I spun around reached out with my left hand and grabbed her right arm and took a step towards her. She back peddled but ran into the fridge. I was pretty much on top of her. When my mind took control again and I realized that I wasn’t going to die I looked down at my right arm and it was cocked and ready to fire. That was the first time she got me good. After than she tired many other times to scare me. Got me another time good once. A week the boss was away (the week she was crazy!), she snuck up behind me and scared me while I was working…thankfully I didn’t roll over her feet with the chair and thankfully I didn’t stand up, otherwise our heads would have collided. Ouch.

Theres a lot of stuff to say about Sapp-e and the fun of the summer, but those are some of the greater highlights. She will be missed like all my happy helpers but soon enough she’ll be back (hopefully) for some more craziness

Moving on to other things, the older brother finished his schooling in Moncton in June and got himself a job in Calgary. He was home for a week and then moved drove out to Calgary. Its strange not having him around permanently now. Before it was thought of only as a temporary move to Moncton. Its strange when thing become permanent…nonetheless, I gives me another place to visit once in a while. Anyway, Shortly after the older brother moved, I had an excuse to fly out that way as there was a wedding in Sundre (north and west of Calgary) so I got to visit with the brother and do some partying in Alberta.

In early August the other brother who currently lives in Korea was in Boston attending Berklley College’s summer music “camp” for 3 odd weeks. He came up and visited in early August for 5 odd days. Was nice to see him after not seeing him in almost 2 years. Hung out and did some catching up. Was very cool.

Otherwise no other major events to report on. Started golfing this summer, or rather going to the driving range with the sisters b/f. Good times, and for the record, DO NOT go to the driving range with my sister…your not safe no matter where you are…Both me and Scott almost lost our heads!

Let see…I just got back from a week of holidays. Did absolutely nothing except play video games (had to upgrade the PC too, bought some games a little beyond my specs…surprisingly it was cheaper than I thought to upgrade). I drove the Niagara Parkway. Very nice drive, especially on the Fort Erie side of Niagara Falls, and alas again, I was unable to go to the zoo…I really wanna go to the zoo, but I have no one to go with :-(……maybe next year???

Oh right, almost forgot…The cold sound of metallic laughter has caught my attention. There was this new guy that started this summer…something about him rubbed me the wrong way since the first introduction. The specifics are irrelevant, but I have come to the conclusion that he is a robot which would explain his complete social awkwardness and the inconsistent details about his existence. I have a $10 bet with Sapp‑e that I will ask him to his face….we will see.

Well, the last thing to say is that soon I will be leaving my current space in the dungeons of my employer and moving up to the 2nd floor with all the people who work in the Development end of things…I will be sad to leave my current cell, the upstairs people are not as exciting as the folks in the dungeon here. I will be sad to leave and move. There are other things about the move that anger me, but alas, no one listens to me and we will see how things go. Anyway.
That is all for now. I may start up my words of wisdom again, not sure…perhaps if there is a demand I will return to that. Who knows. Anyway, until the next post…keep watching the skies and we will see you on the other side!!!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Just Watch Me Burn

Greetings one and all. Things have been a little sparse lately here.

Things are carrying on normally I suppose. Eat-Sleep-Work, rinse and repeat indefinitely…anyway. I was talking to My Liege on MSN and he questioned (among others who questioned – Was) wondering what was up as I was a little melancholy.

I’m not 100% sure why, however, it is probably mainly due to the fact that I had no clue what melancholy meant. So I looked it up the other day and figured it out.

Yes I suppose I have been somewhat melancholy as of late. It seems that it started on the long weekend where I spent the whole weekend studying for my exam on the Tuesday. That kinda pissed me off, not only that but I spent more time talking to my summer student Sapp-e (her new name - explain later) on MSN than I did with my friends that weekend. I think I got out for a couple hours on Friday and Saturday. I wouldn’t say that it sucked to talk to Sapp-e on MSN or anything like that…you just expect to talk and do things with your friends who you’ve know for 13+ years than talk to someone you just met 2 weeks ago. Not complaining about you Sapp-e, so don’t take it that way please. Thanks.

I suppose the worse news out of all of this is a started smoking after work again – not good. I think my frustrations got the better of me….I’ve been smoking for over a week now, but I know I gotta get back on my horse and quit again.

Think that covers off most of the things that have been frustrating me. Albeit it’s the same shit, its just the situation in that regard became more, or rather it has become tighter. There is perhaps another thing that has been frustrating me of late, but I am uncertain.

Well, I’m gonna work towards getting un-melancholy for the next little while. Perhaps this weekend in Niagara Falls at our conference I’ll get wasted and all will be well. Then again, what do I know…

Many cool days to youl.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Great Big Nothing

Again I feel the need to write...

For those keeping track, I haven't been putting up any Words of Wisdom lately. Haven't made time in the morning to do it. Don't know if I will keep doing them. Just on a little break from them I guess.

All is well in my universe. Nothing exciting. Bit annoyed that I am at home tonight. It is after all May-two-four-weekend. Got nothing to do and no one to do anything with. It sucks, but whatchagonnado...

This week was pretty good. Work has been good. Corrupting...I mean, training my summer student makes the days go quick. I even came up with her new name (today for the record) but its too much of a pet name. By pet name I am refering to what people would call the otherhalfs by.

I talked to her (my happy helper) on MSN today and told her as much and also told her what name I came up with. She liked it and thought it was cool. Nonetheless I am still uncertain if I will use it. Suffice it to say the name is "P-nut" (pronouced "peanut"). I choose this since she likes so many things that begin with the letter P. Exampes would be purple, pink, Paris, and purses. I can't remember what else...but anyways. I suppose I am concerned that if I did start calling her "P-nut" at work people would read into it too much (there is a tendaceny to do that at work). I suppose I'll talk to her more about it on Tuesday or whatever.

One thing thats pissing me off lately is me. I am fearful that I am falling back towards smoking. I don't know why but I find that I am cheating more oftened these last few months. Mostly on weekends. I'm not sure what to do. I always smoked to kill time and I seem to have more time these days to kill as opposed to during the winter months. Suppose it part of it is because I'm not getting out as much as I would like to with my friends since the ones here in town both have extremely limited money. Feeling kinda off because of the lack of getting out and the smoking. Any suggestions would be apprieciated in dealing with the smoking. I'm not one to do the patches or gum because my issue seems more todo with killing time than addicited to nicotine. I think I made need to distract myself more. Maybe thats it. Kinda rambling on now. Still any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!

For those that are aware, I have been doing a correspondence course thought the AMCTO and the exam is on Tuesday. Still have alot of studying todo, but I do have a lot done on that. Scarely all my marks for the 6 assignments have been ridiculously good. Its not something I was prepared for. Anyway, I have alot of work todo in the comming days to prepare for my exam.

Well I do hope you all are having good weekends. Nothing really worth mentioning for me as of yet, although according to my Magic 8 ball something good is to happen to me on May 29th. Most people are saying it will relate to the lottery, and one person keeps saying I will meet a hot chick. Suffice it to say we will see. My guess is that nothing will happen. But heres hoping for a hot chick. For the record I prefer cute chicks as opposed to hot ones. And yes there is a difference in my mind and no I will not explain it because words will not do it justice. So don't you mind what I mean. Yes I am talking to you. No, not you. You

Alright enough craziness for one night. Have a good one and remember to have a drink or two for me this weekend.